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Christine Benveniste
Akashic records reading

About me

At the age of 10, I had an epiphany, when a missionary came to my school to explain what he was doing. I knew immediately that would be my life mission: I wanted to do "that". With my child's perspective it was "help others". It is stll inside me.

A long term plan, starting by teaching adults (first English, then web technologies). Transmitting knowledge on a professional level made me feel alive: learning new things to be able to offer them to others.

When my husband died, my life path changed, I became more aware of signs. It became obvious that I had to learn new skills, less technical. Go further into a helping relationship with other people.

  • From December 2019 to March 2020 : "train as a sophrologist" (Alliota formation Paris)
  • Beginning 2022, NPL technician (IFPNL, Paris)
  • End 2022 - beginning 2023 : Akashic readings, for myself, (level 1), then Akashic readings for other people (level2) with "Journey to the heart".
  • 2023 :"Déployer vos facultés psychiques" (Expand your psychic skills)- Serge Boutboul On line course

I'm also learning magnetism (Florian Lucas), as I found out that I could cure with my hands.