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Christine Benveniste
Akashic records readings

Reading of your Akashic records

The benefits

  • A guidance to help you work on specific patterns of your everyday life
  • A better understanding of your life mission
  • A possibility to bring back from the past talents, or gifts
  • An improvement of your personal development
  • A liberation of memories that hold you back
  • A way to get rid of your erroneous beliefs

How the session works

Before opening your records, you must think of the topics you wish to work on.
First we create a sacred space with a short meditation to connect to our hearts. Then your records can be opened with a sacred prayer. Information is encoded and passes through a channel that translates it into images, words, feelings or symbols.

The reading lasts about 1h15. It can be face to face (in Boulogne Billancourt, near Paris) or by skype (or equivalent).

It costs 70€.